Iran and the end of American Empire

Normally I would be out on some trail looking for some fish but today is different. Like a bad flashback with the same characters, the drums of war once again are beating on the not too distant horizon. This time, Iran for no apparent reason, the fever dream of present day conquistadors whose twisted logic revolves around controlling terrain thru puppet regimes the world over. Last time they said cakewalk and it devolved into a region wrecking catastrophe, this time will be very different and will end the Untied States as we know it. As the faux “resistance” wasted their breath on spy novel level conspiracy theories involving Russians, Pee Pee tapes, and facebook adds. War mongererers secured the reins of the national security state and have set the table for what might be about to come.  How this goes down:

look how close they put their country to our military bases!

Straight of Hormuz January 2020:

After an embarrassing attempt to overthrow Venezuala’s leader, neocons Mike Pompeo and John Bolton seek redemption. A dolt in the office of presidency is the perfect foil, polling numbers indicate Trump needs a war to win reelection.  After a buildup of more than 100, 000 troops and multiple carrier groups the fuse needed to be lit. This time around there would be no need for a false narrative about weapons of mass destruction, only an incident and that is exactly what would happen. Proxies of some sort launch attacks on oil tankers and in a Gulf of Tonkinesque fake act of aggression, which we seize on it to launch a punishing round of airstrikes. Again, the delusional “thinkers” tucked safely away in think tanks assure everyone that the regime will topple, instead Iran unites. Iran is not like Iraq, it is a Shiite state united under one wing of Islam rather than a cobbled together state with two waring factions like Sadam tried to govern. Iraq was hobbled after 3 decades of war and sanctions, Iran is not. Iran’s strong and loyal military will fight with conventional and guerilla tactics. They will utilize fanatical support married up with state of the art technology on ground much more conducive to defense. Their population is twice as large, motivated, and inspired to defend. None of these warning signs were heeded as the hubris of fat white men over ride logic, the profit of oil companies and arms manufacturers override any Geneva conventions,. Someone else’s kids will die anyways. Late stage capitalism has turned us into an oil company with an army and it is time to put it to use.

unleash the dogs of war

Iran’s military, having a decade to plan their defense already had their assets spread too widely for air attacks to have much effect, The macabre photos of civilian deaths from our unprovoked attack unites the country and the world against us. Warfare breaks out globally as Iranian proxies attack American interests from Africa to Asia. Wisely, our naval commanders place aircraft strike groups away from the coast as they know they are sitting ducks  to the revolutionaries guards surface to ship missiles. It does not work as Iran sends a flotilla of small boats south and enough get thru. A volley of cheap Chinese mass produced cruise missiles overwhelms our Aegis defense system and the final missiles in this volley are the sunburn missiles. Specifically engineered to beat our defenses they score kill shot after kill shot, sinking an aircraft carrier and multiple support vessels. Ten thousand sailors are killed in this debacle and the dogs of war are unleashed. An attempted pincer move by our best ground forces slows to a crawl on the way to Tehran, met by a highway of IED’s and armor piercing handheld missiles. Air support is limited due to innumerable surface to air missiles of all varieties. After two decades of war the fatigued troops, public, and politicians stand dumbfounded on what the last week has wrought. 

let me see that map, where are we going next?

As with all wars, the unintended consequences are far reaching . Outraged over our never ending imperial aggression the region catches fire. Jordans king Abdullah is overthrown, Civil war breaks out in Somalia, Algeria, Libya, and Egypt. Israel stands alone as wave after wave of suicide bombers attack on all fronts and shortly they begin nuking the borderlands. Our dizzying array of military bases all come under attack. Resupply and survival becomes difficult as an already stretched military begins to deal with two dozen Dien Bien Phu’s at once. Tens of millions of refugees flee, eclipsing the current refugee crisis by 20 fold, turning Europe into a desperate continent.  Saudi Arabia is beheading people as fast as they can round them up, Turkey and Syria go to war. Famine breaks out. Our allies condemn us and cut off all economic and military support and within weeks our economy is in shambles. Shiite and Sunni unite for the first time ever, conventional and guerilla war breaks out from Pakistan to Nigeria. An orgy of death commences. Hubris takes over as the architects of this debacle try to save face, tactical nukes are unleashed in a last desperate attempt to turn the tides. Resupply and reinforcement’s, are impossible and our attempted regime change in Tehran grinds to a complete halt. Our overstretched ground troops face a Stalingradesque debacle in the sands of the middle east. The logical end to a 3 decades long delusion. 

Fucking guy should be in prison

The end of an imperial power commences. Eisenhower warned about the military industrial complex, as with all capitalistic enterprises this industry is wed to a perpetual growth paradigm. When that growth can only come thru war this is the end result. China collapses our currency, petro states cut off our supply, wall street collapses as we quickly default on all our debt. The century of American dominance is over. NATO is defunct as Europe turns into a massive refugee camp. Central America, South America, and China rise for avoiding conflict. This all occurs as the general public is infotained by conspiracy theory and waste their energy being outraged over bathrooms. An academic and media sector that is delinquent in their duty to teach and inform. A political class that is corrupted, ignorant, and entitled. An economic system that is oligarchical in nature and immoral. Democrats long ago gave up being anti war, it all culminated with Hillary Clinton launching multiple regime change wars of her own from her seat as secretary of State and Barack Obama droning wedding parties with wreckless abandon.  The United Sates breaks apart in a flurry of civil unrest as mercenary armies skirmish over resources. Are we going to resist this now? Where is the media? Where is the anti war movement?

General Eisenhower’s prescient warning comes to fruition

Our media gearing up for high ratings as the wargasm commences:

Trumps war cabinet, Bolton and Pompeo are sick men:

The David to our goliath, Iran’s sunburn missile:

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