Publications and Projects

I have been featured by Patagonia, Field and StreamThe Drake, OrvisThe Flyfish Journal, and Catch Magazine, among many others.  My work has also been used extensively by conservation groups across the country including national and local Trout Unlimited chapters, The Nature Conservancy,  National Wildlife Federation, American Rivers,  Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Trout Magazine, California Trout, Western Environmental Law Center, and Western Rivers Conservancy.   ​​My work features in the movie “The Breach“, an exploration of the decline of salmon in the Northwest.



Bristol Bay-Pebble Mine

In the summer of 2013 following a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign and with backing from Orvis, I spent three months photographing the Bristol Bay region. The full commitment to accomplish this took me from source to sea on multiple rivers, timing locations to coincide with the peak of these legendary salmon runs.  This was done solo, out of a pack raft in the most remote and dangerous locations imaginable. The photos I captured have been featured prominently by environmental groups advocating against the Pebble Mine. Save Bristol Bay has relied heavily on my imagery to drive their online effort to rally people to the cause. 

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An ongoing passion to document the last remaining natives.  Spanning from New Mexico to Alaska, these holdouts exist in only 5% of their original range.  The golden hues and splash red is a sure sign you have found your way into a slice of remaining wilderness.
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Smith River, Montana

A stunning recreational, archaeological, and environmental resource.  The Smith faces a myriad of challenges ranging from dewatering, to ORV use, to cattle grazing.  With the help of concerned people and American Rivers I spent Fall 2014 documenting this most epic of river corridors.
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Olympic Peninsula

A biological gem, this is simply the most productive forest on earth.  Logging, over fishing, dams have all contributed to fish runs being a shadow of their former selves.   
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Bridger Bowl

The leading community-run non-profit ski area in the country.  Bridger Bowl has forsaken the real estate model of ski resort development and puts the environment, skiing, affordability, accessibility for all, and fun before all else.
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Where this takes me from here is up to all of you.  I dream of someday making it back to Bristol Bay; the Tongass is a place that deserves two summers of my efforts; the northwest is where I grew up and certain stocks of the iconic wild steelhead are on their way to extinction; the planet’s largest golden trout residing high in the Wind River range of Wyoming (a sufferfest of epic proportions); maybe even a trip to Bolivia to photograph ancient ruins of baffling origins…….

Standing Rock

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